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Hello Readers, Bloggers, Authors, and Publishers,

If you would like to talk about books or ask about doing an interview, having us host a cover reveal, or inviting us to a blog tour, please feel free to contact us at the email listed below. We usually answer within 2 days (We are both college students with a jobs so we are not always available right away to contact you back). If you are contacting with a review request, we ask that you please use the form that we have provided. Please indicate whether you would like Chelsea or C. to read and review your book.


Review Request Form

Accepting Review Requests: CURRENTLY ACCEPTING
Accepting Interview/Guests Posts: CURRENTLY ACCEPTING

If you are contacting us to review, please read the following. It makes it easier for us and probably for you:

We ONLY accept MOBI OR PDF FILES when you are offering an ebook for us to read. We also accept Physical copies, but we understand, it's quicker and cheaper to send us an ebook. We WILL NOT read any form of erotic books, we are ok with reading adult, new adult, and young adult books. We might read Middle Grade and younger, but that's not a guarantee. We only read the following genres (which is almost all): fantasy, sci-fi, historical fiction, dystopian/post-apocalyptic, paranormal, and romance. We tend not to read Contemporary or Realistic, but will on occasion. Please give us at least a two week period to read and review your book, We are both in college and work full-time during the summer/part-time when we are in school, and do not always have the ability to read a book in a week or less. If we get behind, we will inform you of that as soon as possible if we remember. Requesting us to review a book does not automatically mean that we will read the book, it all depends on if we are interested in the book and what might currently be going on outside of my blogging. If for some reason, you haven't heard from us within three weeks, if you are really wanting to see our review, email us again... getting busy means that sometimes we do forget to inform you that I won't be able to get the review up.

Chelsea and C.

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