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Review: Sky and the Sea by Kevin J. Johnson

Sky and the Sea by Kevin J. Johnson

"Back to the sea," someone said, and many agreed, so they went. Forsaking the land, they stepped cautiously into the waters, like newborns opening their eyes to peer at the world for the first time. What they found was a world that itself, seemed to be alive--shifting and swaying like some gigantic animal. And it was here they found their new home among the rocks and coral, the fish and fauna. Flowing through the water's veins, they quickly became woven into the sea's intricate pattern. But they never forgot those who had stayed behind. And they longed, one day, to be with them.

Genre: Poetry
Page Length: 70 Pages
Publisher: Authorhouse
 Format: Paperback
4 stars
Sky and the Sea was a wonderful collection of poems that really left me thinking at the end. It's a very short book, but the poems very impactful even though there are not many of them. The one thing that I was not exactly thrilled about is the fact that not all of the poems are about the sky and the sea. I loved the poems regardless, but I was really looking forward to some beautiful poems that were about the ocean (and there were), but there were also random poems that weren't about the ocean or sea, or any form of water, and I was under the impression the whole collection of poems were to revolve around the former. There were also, what I would consider short stories, in the book also; which I found pretty awesome too.

I would definitely love to read more poems from this author.

Review by C.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Book Trailer: Capering on Glass Bridges by Jessica Hernandez

Capering on Glass Bridges by Jessica Hernandez

The Utdrendans have spoken. Sixteen-year-old Kaia Stone is amongst the two whom they have named. If she accepts the task presented to her and succeeds, it will be made possible for the accursed Kingdom of Mar to be freed. Although the assignment itself is simple, the path to success is sure to be anything but; not all is as it seems, and forces determined to work against Kaia are gathering—for many will stop at nothing to ensure that Mar remains forever cursed.

Will Kaia choose to abandon the only life she’s ever known—perhaps indefinitely—in pursuit of the greater good…in pursuit of her purpose?

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Cover Reveal and Giveaway: Frey by Melissa Wright

On tour with Prism Book Tours.

Welcome to the Cover Reveal for
By Melissa Wright
(Frey Saga #1)
YA/NA Fantasy

Unaware she's been bound from using magic, Frey leads a small, miserable life in the village where she's sent after the death of her mother. But a tiny spark starts a fury of changes and she finds herself running from everything she's ever known.

Hunted by council for practicing dark magic, she is certain she's been wrongfully accused. She flees, and is forced to rely on strangers for protection. But the farther she strays from home, the more her magic and forgotten memories return and she begins to suspect all is not as it seems.

FREE in ebook everywhere.

Other Books in the Series (new covers coming soon)

Pieces of Eight
(Frey Saga #2)

After revealing her own dark past, Frey is forced to join with a group of strangers whose pasts seem to intertwine with her own. She struggles to regain her memories, her full power, only to find there is more danger on the other side. And now, there is no turning back.

(Frey Saga #2.5)

Molly dreamed her whole life of living in a world of magic... until the day she walked into one. This short story falls between The Frey Saga Book Two: Pieces of Eight and the third book, Rise of The Seven.

Rise of the Seven
(Frey Saga #3)

As Frey works to regain control of the North, a small silver dagger nearly brings her end. She raises her guard and proves her abilities, but another attempt on her life, from what appears to be fey, reveals not all are pleased with her return. If she could only figure out the force behind the attacks, she might be able to relax enough to decide what to do about her other problem... Chevelle.

About the Author

Melissa Wright is the author of the Frey Saga and Descendants Series. She is currently working on the next book, but when not writing can be found collecting the things she loves at Goodreads and Pinterest.

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Absense on Blog

Hello Everyone,

I apologize for my absence on the blog. I had a rough summer, and had to go offline for some time and am now just getting back online. The cool news is that I found someone who will be my co-blogger. She reads the same books that I read and we think that it will allow for more posts and reviews to go up. We decided that to make it easier on the both of us, we are going to use a co-email, and therefore the emails that I previously had available are no longer available and I will most likely not respond as often to emails that are sent to the address. You can send the emails to the following address:

The blog will be under construction for some time as we change some things up, and edit earlier posts to make sure authors and readers alike know who is posting what review so if you see a review off that should be up, just shoot me an email and I will get back to you about it.