Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Review: Brantley Arms by Lori Lane Tarver

Brantley Arms by Lori Lane Tarver

A world set ablaze by war... Lives in turmoil abroad and on the home front... A hard fought victory declared at last, but not on battlefields of hearts shattered by betrayal... A World War II Novel... When Annie Laurie Brantley's husband Beau enlists in the Army Air Corps, she flees from their humble farm in rural Georgia to Atlanta where she works for the owner of an elegant, yet slightly shabby boardinghouse. Her work helps her cope with her loneliness, and her association with the owner opens doors that set her on the road to success beyond anything she could have dreamed. Beau returns home three years later to a wife he hardly recognizes. Beautiful, stylish and successful, she tries to fit him into the niche she's carved out for them in the world of real estate development. It isn't long, though, before Annie Laurie discovers that the desperation she felt when Beau went off to war was but a prelude to the unimaginable heartaches that lay ahead of her.

3.5 Stars
Brantley Arms was an interesting book, but it was a little slow for me. I loved how the story wasn't just set in one particular moment in time like most books, but it was set over the years of Annie and Beau's lives. I also cannot wait to read the sequel of this book when it comes out. I loved all of the characters and I am happy that their stories are not over yet.

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