Monday, November 16, 2015

Review: Sky and the Sea by Kevin J. Johnson

Sky and the Sea by Kevin J. Johnson

"Back to the sea," someone said, and many agreed, so they went. Forsaking the land, they stepped cautiously into the waters, like newborns opening their eyes to peer at the world for the first time. What they found was a world that itself, seemed to be alive--shifting and swaying like some gigantic animal. And it was here they found their new home among the rocks and coral, the fish and fauna. Flowing through the water's veins, they quickly became woven into the sea's intricate pattern. But they never forgot those who had stayed behind. And they longed, one day, to be with them.

Genre: Poetry
Page Length: 70 Pages
Publisher: Authorhouse
 Format: Paperback
4 stars
Sky and the Sea was a wonderful collection of poems that really left me thinking at the end. It's a very short book, but the poems very impactful even though there are not many of them. The one thing that I was not exactly thrilled about is the fact that not all of the poems are about the sky and the sea. I loved the poems regardless, but I was really looking forward to some beautiful poems that were about the ocean (and there were), but there were also random poems that weren't about the ocean or sea, or any form of water, and I was under the impression the whole collection of poems were to revolve around the former. There were also, what I would consider short stories, in the book also; which I found pretty awesome too.

I would definitely love to read more poems from this author.

Review by C.

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